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Specialist in Chemotherapy

Specialist in Chemotherapy and Cancer treatments.

The procedure through which cancer cells are demolished, in simple words, are Chemotherapy. It discourages the growth of cancer cells any further. Chemotherapy is a very strong dose of treatment, it can affect your healthy cells as well.

Doctors use standard chemotherapy in different stages of cancer.
  • Before surgery, they use it to reduce the size of tumors.
  • They use it when the cancer cells are spread to different parts of the body.
  • After surgery existing cancer cells can be killed by chemotherapy.
  • To treat the cancer cells in the blood.
  • To remove cancer cells that occur again.

  • Chemotherapy aims to prevent the spreading of cancer cells in the infected and the rest of the body. The treatment is like that the cancer cells will not be encouraged to take place again.

    But if for any chance that's not possible, chemotherapy will be provided to delay the process of cancer. Delayed chemotherapy manages the symptoms in the long run. The doctor who is an expert medical oncologist will take you through chemotherapy.

    Drugs will be offered on the kinds of cancer, cancer cell size, age, regular health, body weight, and medical condition. Dr HarshavardhanAnnadanam is a chemotherapy specialist.

    His degree in MBBS, DNB, D.M. Medical Oncologist, proficient hematologist, certified in bone marrow transplantation is an add-on to understand the nuances of chemotherapy.

    He is a specialist in handling chemotherapy solid tumors and an expert in Oncology, Acute lymphoblastic lymphoma, hematological malignancies.

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