Dr Harshavardhan Annadanam, the best Medical Oncologist in HITEC City, Hyderabad.

Specialist in Lumbar Puncture and Intrathecal Therapy

Specialist in Chemotherapy and Cancer treatments.

A lumbar puncture is conducted in the lower back of the lumbar. A sharp needle is pressed between two lumbar bones to extract the fluid from the bone.

This fluid naturally covers spinal bones and the brain from any bruises. It helps to diagnose considerable infections like meningitis or other disorders like the central nervous system. It is rarely used to insert anesthetic medications or chemotherapy drugs into the cerebrospinal fluid.

Intrathecal therapy is taken into consideration when patients' spinal pain becomes unbearable. It brings with it many side effects.

This therapy will provide satisfactory pain relief and a lower % of failures in treatment. This therapy activates the agents to bypass the blood-brain barrier resulting in cerebrospinal fluid concentration.

To those with the need of both the therapy contact Dr HarshavardhanAnnadanam, MBBS, DNB, D.M. Medical Oncologist, Chemotherapy Specialist, proficient hematologist, certified in bone marrow transplantation.

He is a specialist in handling chemotherapy solid tumors and an expert in Oncology, Acute lymphoblastic lymphoma, hematological malignancies.

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