Dr Harshavardhan Annadanam, the best Medical Oncologist in HITEC City, Hyderabad.

Specialist in Palliative Care (End of Life Care)

Specialist in Chemotherapy and Cancer treatments.

Palliative care is a medical concern for people with severe diseases. It imparts relief from the symptoms and stress from the uneasiness.

It aims to develop the situation both for the patient and the family. It can be provided by trained doctors, under them faculties and specialists who work together.

It is not the technical treatment but extra support for their mental health and the family.

Symptoms :
• Depression
• Breathlessness
• Fatigue
• Constipation
• Anxiety
• No appetite

The palliative care team spends quality time with patients and with their families. It gives a thorough picture of the health condition and helps you to make the best choices of treatment.

They look after that you receive a full treatment knowledge before coming to any conclusion.

Dr HarshavardhanAnnadanam has years of experience in counselling patients and patients' families. He is an MBBS, DNB, D.M. Medical Oncologist, Chemotherapy Specialist, proficient hematologist, certified in bone marrow transplantation.

He is a specialist in handling chemotherapy solid tumors and an expert in Oncology, Acute lymphoblastic lymphoma, hematological malignancies.

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