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Specialist in Stem Cell Collection

Specialist in Chemotherapy and Cancer treatments.
Stem Cell Collection

After the chemotherapy to secure recovery of bone marrow function and production of red blood cells is known injection of stem cell collection is vital.

Stem cells must be collected before the chemotherapy treatment. The harvested stem cells will be frozen and can be stored for a long time.

Stem cell collection can be used to activate the immune cells or to remove the cancer cells. Stem cell collection needs precise knowledge on the cancer cell growth and the health condition of the patient.

Dr HarshavardhanAnnadanam, MBBS, DNB, D.M. Medical Oncologist, Chemotherapy Specialist, proficient hematologist, certified in bone marrow transplantation.

He is a specialist in handling chemotherapy solid tumors and an expert in Oncology, Acute lymphoblastic lymphoma, hematological malignancies.

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